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Also referred to as Personal Leadership, Self-leadership is the practice of intentionally influencing our thinking, feeling, and behaviours to achieve our objectives (Bryant & Kazan, 2013). It is more though – it is also about intentionally influencing our thoughts, feelings and behaviour to achieve our full potential, to be more successful and able to better lead other people, just to name a few.

    Space is limited to only 15 delegates per workshop and a personalised course manual will be couriered to each delegate before the workshop date. The course is presented virtually by Dr Hekkie van der Westhuizen via Zoom and the course fee is R2200 (excl. VAT), which includes a signed copy of Hekkie’s published book, Conquering my NeMEsis – Stepping Stones to successful Self-leadership.

    SAPICS members qualify for a 10% discount. Please request this discount code from info@saldati.com if needed.

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    • Taking charge of your life
    • Planning for success
    • Scripting your Self-Leadership Charter (personal and professional goalsetting)
    • Avoiding time-wasters and distractors
    • Living a disciplined life
    • Refusing to make excuses
    • Getting through tough times
    • Becoming more resilient
    • Being in charge of your emotions
    • Living in the present moment
    • Improving self-confidence
    • Choosing to be positive
    • Stepping out of your comfort zones
    • Learning and living good habits
    • Controlling personal finances
    • Valuing Personal Brand Equity
    • Cherishing relationships
    • Investing in time to reflect
    • Embracing that it is never too late
    • It is ultimately your choice 
    Let's connect
    Stepping stones to successful self leadership
    Self-talk to creating a winning mindset
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