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Over the past couple of decades numerous researchers have highlighted the importance of tailoring the leadership development process in organisations according to the different levels of leadership. Each leadership level has unique requirements and the same universal approach or leadership development programme can therefore not be adopted for all levels of leadership. The following ‘leadership tree’ visually illustrates our approach to Leadership Development and Training, where a constant flow of information and support exists between these different leadership levels:

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Our Youth Leaders are represented by the leaves in the leadership tree. The United Nations defines Youth as all individuals between the ages of 15 and 24 years. Although youth leaders typically do not form part of organisations, we believe that we cannot wait to start with leadership development only after these potential organisational leaders have entered the labour market. We believe that Leadership Development and Training are critical at this first level of leadership to start laying a foundation of good leaders.


in the leadership tree are the Junior Managers and Supervisors in organisations. These leaders have people reporting to them, but they do not have the authority to appoint or dismiss someone in the organisation. They are represented by the newest branches in the top area of the leadership tree.


are the Middle Managers in the organisation, who have the authority to appoint or dismiss someone. They are not yet involved though in any strategic decision-making in the organisation. These leaders are represented by the established branches of the leadership tree.


are all the Senior Managers in organisations, who are involved in strategic decision-making. This level includes general managers, executives, directors and CEO’s. They represent the tree trunk and the root system in the leadership tree, which hold everything together and provide overall support to the rest of the organisation.

With this in mind, we have adopted two different approaches in presenting solutions to our clients to grow their leadership corps, which we prefer to refer to as Growth Solutions. All these Growth Solutions can be offered to our clients in an Online Learning, Blended Learning or Classroom (in-person or face-to-face) format. We recognise that our client base consists of two broad categories:

The clients in this category would like to partner with SALDaTI as a service provider that specialises in Leadership Development and Training.

These clients prefer to be consulted or guided in this regard, where a formal assessment is made of their leadership development process status, before a leadership development programme is developed and executed for each of their leadership levels.

This process is completed as a joint undertaking between the client organisation’s HR Director and/or Managing Director, and SALDaTI.



Generic solutions

Although we believe that the content of leadership development programmes cannot be the same for all levels of leadership, we also recognise that there are some clients that prefer to use more generic leadership development courses or interventions to complement their existing leadership development process. Alternatively, they might require ‘refresher’ courses for some of their developing leaders.

We therefore also offer a limited range of courses that we believe cover the essence of leadership development across the most important topics that should be included in this process. These courses can also be used by individual leaders that would like to develop further in a specific leadership area as part of their self-development journey.


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