For the last 10 months, I have dedicated most of my time to writing “Conquering my NeMEsis – Stepping Stones to Successful Self-leadership”. The main reason why I wrote this book, is to remind all of us that hope and our ability to handle life’s knocks lie within each one of us. If we focus, day in and day out, on becoming more successful at self-leadership, then we’ll find that it’s much easier to better handle the loads that we have to carry in life. Not only to ensure that we don’t break under this load, but that we even thrive in times where we have to carry a heavier load. I also wrote this book to enable you and me to become more successful at self-leadership.  

“Self-leadership is about awareness, tolerance, and not letting your own natural tendencies limit your potential.” – Scott Belsky

What others say

The following people who operate in the fields of Industrial Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Coaching and People Development had the following to say, after reading a copy of “Conquering my NeMEsis – Stepping Stones to Successful Self-leadership”.

Prof Mala Singh, Executive Director – People and Culture (NWU):

The author’s wide research for this book combines his rich experiences with peppered wisdom from various authors to produce a resounding leadership philosophy. The valuable tips and practical tools encourage curiosity and introspection. It’s definitely a worthwhile read that takes the reader on an epic journey of wisdom, insight and learning, through to self-mastery and overcoming obstacles with resilience, hope, optimism and a commitment to improvement. I would recommend this book to anyone who is leading or aspiring to lead, and who is ready to commit to conquering their setbacks and emerge as their best self.

Dr Dumisani Magadlela – International Executive Coach, Team Coach, Ubuntu Intelligence Coach:

Once you start reading it, Hekkie’s ‘real-life novel’ is hard to put down. There are nuggets of wisdom on every page and in every paragraph. The book pours out power quotes that offer sage wisdom and guidance to both young and old, especially on how to take charge of your life, at any stage or phase. It can help you to take charge and makes you realise that you are in charge. The use of Hekkie’s own story is a powerful illustration of the value about which he writes. It is both empowering and inspiring at the same time, while challenging us to do more and be more than we are. If you are not yet in charge of your life, this book will kick you on the backside and challenge you to step up. It offers many tools to help you gain control.

Prof Lia (Magda) Hewitt, Associate Professor – Department of Industrial Psychology and People Management (UJ):

The use of supporting quotes throughout the book, which the author uses to shape his thoughts, decisions, and journey towards mastering his own self-leadership, is serious food for thought for the reader. Practical tips and suggestions provided, using the author’s own life as an example, aid the reader to write and score his or her own self-leadership charter throughout their self-leadership journey, which is a plus.

A feeling of “I can do this” is created within the reader. It leaves the reader motivated and inspired. In my mind, this book fills a gap in current literature on the ‘how to’ aspect of being able to achieve self-leadership, and what that means. Truly a must-read, and a thought-provoking book for each person who wants to live a full, productive and quality life.

Tony de Gouveia – Clinical Psychologist and Resilience Coach:

Over the last decade, and particularly during the current COVID-19 pandemic, a significant failure, or weakness, in leadership across international, national, regional and corporate levels has been exposed. Against this backdrop, there has been increased interest in self-leadership as an alternative to traditional leadership models, which have been found wanting in addressing the need for leadership at various levels.

Enter this useful contribution by Hekkie van der Westhuizen on self-leadership. His formula is to go wide rather than deep, and hence the scope of topics with regards to self-leadership is wide but relevant. In conclusion, this book, which is an easy read, is a most valuable resource for anyone wanting to enter the self-leadership journey, either as a primer or as a reference book.


Written by:

Hekkie van der Westhuizen, PhD

Author Dr. Hekkie van der Westhuizen shares practical self-leadership tips, tools and interventions in the form of stepping stones that will assist you along the journey to becoming the best possible version of yourself.


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