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Turbocharging personal productivity

– Learning relevant tools, methods and techniques to optimise the use of your limited time

William Penn, the English writer, said: “Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” Time is such a precious resource, yet it is not renewable. The reality is that most of us do not intentionally focus enough of our efforts on optimising the use of it.

Please join me for an engaging masterclass, that will assist you to sustainably boost your personal productivity, and which includes video material, case studies, success stories, academic research, practical examples from my personal experiences in the corporate world and as entrepreneur, group discussions and more.

This 1-day masterclass will be presented either in-person or virtually on the following dates at an investment fee of R 1 950 (excluding VAT) per masterclass, which includes lunch, safe parking, a reflective journal, pen, masterclass workbook and framed certificate of completion.

Each minute is a little thing, and yet, with respect to our personal productivity, to manage the minute is the secret of success.”

– Joseph B. Wirthlin

Simply click on the date link or on the date of your choice in the calendar below to register:

Tuesday, 23 January’24 in person at our training centre in Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg

Wednesday, 14 February’24 in person at our training centre in Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg

Wednesday, 6 March’24 in person at our training centre in Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg

Thursday, 25 April’24 virtually via Zoom

Please note that for each of these masterclass sessions space is limited to 13 delegates.

These are some of the topics that will be included in this masterclass:

  • Effective delegation and attending fewer meetings
  • Saying “NO” to others and to yourself
  • Dealing with procrastination and how perfectionism kills our personal productivity
  • Using tools like a Calendar to assist you in optimally managing your time
  • Prioritising your tasks according to Importance and Urgency
  • Improving our Self-discipline as the ultimate time-waster
  • Recognising the importance of Self-confidence in improving our personal productivity
  • Finding the necessary balance and spending time across all the important areas in your life
  • Busyness versus Productivity
  • Using time-blocks effectively
  • Dealing with E-mails effectively and efficiently
  • How to deal with time-wasters and distractors…

“I am looking forward to meeting you at our next masterclass to share with you tried and tested tools, methods, and techniques that I have acquired over more than three decades and successfully apply on a daily basis, which I have no doubt will assist you in mastering your personal productivity.”

Best regards,

Hekkie van der Westhuizen, PhD.

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