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Soft Skills Solutions

We are proud to launch Soft Skills Solutions, which is a subsidiary of SALDaTI™. Soft Skills are personal attributes that enable us to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. At Soft Skills Solutions we aim to Unlock Human Connection Potential to assist you and your employees in engaging optimally as a key enabler to grow your organisations. To make this possible, we deliver customised and universal soft skills masterclasses, either at your facilities, virtually or at our training centre in Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg, by experts in various soft skills areas in a fresh and engaging manner.

The masterclasses at our training centre are facilitated in small groups of only 12 delegates per masterclass, in support of an optimal learning environment.

Soft skills get little respect
but will make or break your career

– Peggy Klaus

Each soft skills masterclass consists of video material, case studies, success stories, academic research, practical examples, group discussions, and more. Delegates will also receive lunch, secure parking, a reflective journal, pen, certificate of completion and a masterclass workbook, which includes the content that will be covered during each masterclass. To find out more about presenting customised or universal soft skills masterclasses at your premises to meet your specific organisational or team needs, please contact us at 082 330 6040 or info@saldati.com. Alternatively, for more information and to register for a universal soft skills masterclass topic that you or your team would like to attend either virtually or at our training facility, please click on any of the following tabs:

Embedding leadership fundamentals
Mastering personal productivity
Unlocking your presentation potential

Note: More important universal soft skills masterclasses to follow in due course…

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