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Embedding leadership fundamentals

– Acquiring the priority skills to become a successful leader

Sheryl Sandberg, then COO of Facebook said: “Build your skills, not your resumé”. In my experience as HR practitioner and in leadership roles than span over decades, I have learnt that acquiring leaderships skills is the foundation to greater, more successful leadership of ourselves, others and teams. I have also had the pleasure of teaching leadership skills to others for many years and am proud to announce that we are now presenting a masterclass to, especially, aspiring and newly appointed leaders in support of this statement as a key enabler to a high-performing environment.

This 1-day masterclass, which is called “Embedding Leadership Fundamentals”, will be presented either in-person or virtually at an investment fee of R 1 950 (excluding VAT) and you can expect me to mainly cover the following researched priority skills for successful leadership:

  • Coaching and developing team members
  • Effectively communicating upwards and downwards
  • Mastering Team Leadership
  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence and demonstrating it in our daily engagements with others
  • Applying key principles of performance management in building high-performance teams
  • Improving interpersonal relationships as the bedrock of leading others
  • Applying successful problem-solving in dealing with business challenges

Should you be interested in mastering the fundamentals of leadership, simply click on the date link or on the date of your choice in the calendar below to register:

Tuesday, 30 January’24 in person at our training centre in Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg

Thursday, 15 February’24 in person at our training centre in Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg

Thursday, 7 March’24 in person at our training centre in Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg

Thursday, 18 April’24 in person at our training centre in Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg

Please note that for each of these masterclass sessions space is limited to 13 delegates.

“I am looking forward to you joining me for our next masterclass to share with you my leadership experiences as well as researched content on priority skills that are required to make us successful leaders. I will follow a back-to-basics approach to assist you to lead with confidence in future, knowing that you have the basics of leadership in check. Please register for what promises to be a value-adding learning experience. “

With warm regards,

Trevor Buthelezi.

Embedding leadership fundamentals
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